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Lifetime Guarantee


3 Reasons Why We Use Corten Steel

Our Metalbirds are crafted using 3mm ‘Corten Steel’.

Corten Steel, also known as ‘weathering steel’ is a mild steel that was created to eliminate the need for painting, and develops a rust-like appearance — also known as a patina — after exposure to the weather. The name Corten refers to the two distinguishing properties of this type of steel: corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

Here are 3 reasons why we use Corten Steel!

 1. The look

Corten Steel weathers naturally, leaving each piece of art with a unique golden-brown patina that looks great! It is predominantly used in garden sculptures, public art installations and façade systems on buildings because of its organic appearance. The patina usually takes six months to develop, but this may vary depending on the conditions. Another feature of Corten is the gradual development of the patina. We love how our birds develop this look over a period of time as it’s like their character is developing as they age.


The many different appearances that your Metalbird can take on depending on the conditions.


 2. Longevity

Not only does the Corten Steel develop a patina that looks great, it also produces a layer on the outer surface that helps protect the underlying metal from corrosion. Corrosion is a big issue for other mild steels, which when exposed to wind, salt and water can eventually corrode completely. But not Corten Steel! Because of this protective layer, your Metalbird will last you a lifetime corroding at a rate of approx. 0.1mm every 10 years!

We’ve chosen to make your Metalbird from Corten Steel so that it gives you a lifetime of pleasure.


 3. No maintenance

In addition to the patina helping protect the steel from corrosion, this protective layer regenerates, meaning there is no need to treat your Metalbird, just let it develop its unique personality and enjoy!



As Corten Steel not only protects itself from all weather conditions, (yes even that salt spray on the coast), it also looks great, making a Metalbird the perfect garden art installation for your home or office in the suburbs, at the beach, or apartment on the 20th floor.

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