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5 Ways You Can Protect Birds This World Earth Day

World Earth Day:


There are roughly 11,000 different species of birds in the world, and of those, nearly 40% are facing a significant decline yet they are hugely important to the Earth’s ecosystem. Birds are an incredible part of nature and it’s important that we protect them.

There are many things that put our native birds in danger, such as loss of habitation, deforestation, climate change, plastic and so much more.

Here at Metalbird we’ve come up with five simple ways you can help protect birds every day.


  1. Set up some clean water sources in your garden.

The best option is to set up an elevated bird bath so that predators such as cats and dogs are easily seen by the birds. Change the water every week or so and you’ll have plenty of birds drinking in your garden.


  1. Plant some native trees and plants.

Native plants and trees provide birds with shelter, food and places to build their nests. For an added bonus, you can hang a bird feeder in a tree and you’ll be sure to get some happy visitors soon.


  1. Mark your windows to avoid collisions.

We’ve all seen it happen. One of birds biggest killers is flying into our windows. The windows reflect the scenery and they get confused and fly straight into it. The best thing you can do is mark your windows with a reflective tape that scares the birds away.  


  1. Say no to plastic.

There are so many ways you can reduce the plastic that ends up in the ocean. Begin to say no any time you are offered a plastic bag at a shop, opt to use a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic and use a reusable water bottle rather than a single use.


  1. Donate to some of the amazing charities who protect native birds.

There are so many incredible charities who help protect native birds and our environment. If you’re looking for some way you can help out this World Earth Day, here’s a few of our suggestions:


Conservation Volunteers




Australian Conservation Foundation




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